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Leo (♌) (Greek: Λέων, Leōn), is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac. It corresponds to the The constellation Leo is associated with the mythological Nemean lion. Its opposite sign is Aquarius. Leo on the reverse of the gold coin of Jahangir.
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They have gifts of vitality and popularity that can assist them on the way. Because of the need to be centre-stage, they thrive on attention and approval. Within moderation, this is fine. But taken to excess, this can manifest as a constant search for recognition that reveals an insecurity about where their true value lies. Theirs is a journey toward developing a healthy sense of self-assurance. Accordingly Leos are often happy in the spotlight, and will readily become the life of the party if the situation requires. More retiring Leo types may avoid this attention, but secretly wish it was theirs.

Whilst Leos may not be the life of the party at every turn, it is important they learn to develop the confidence to shine and lead, so that their special gifts can be shared. Despite the outgoing and entertaining qualities Leos often like to express, they tend to carry deep insecurities about their value and worth.

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Leos are not born for the spotlight. They are in the process of learning how to be confident and in charge. Because of this there is an existential angst that sits at the very centre of this sign. Beneath a confident and sunny exterior can hide an insecure and uncertain little cub. This cub needs constant reassurance that it is both accepted by others, and fundamentally alright. Sometimes this insecurity overtakes their natural desire to shine, and there are Leos who prefer to bloom from the sidelines, rather than stand in the limelight.

Whether this is due to real shyness, or a deeper insecurity will be shown over time. Despite the apparent confidence and self-assuredness of Leo, this is actually a deeply mystic or even religious sign that is intrinsically connected to the mystery of Life.

At a broad level, this lends those born under Leo an innate connection to creative processes, and in many situations, a creative streak.

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  • The mystery at the heart of creativity is essentially ephemeral, and may be divine. It is within the pulsing heart of the creative mystery that Leos look to discover their source. Are they really the Divine Child born to live out some unique destiny? Or are they just a chance conglomeration of emotions, opportunities, opinions and needs?

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    Is there really something inside which makes them special? Or are they simply playing out a one-dimensional role? Finding fun in the moment will help them sort these issues out. They need to connect with their inner-child and remember its ok to play. Spending time cultivating innate creativity through hard work and self-discipline helps them learn what they are good at and what they love.

    Whatever path they choose in life, it should be one that meets their sense of passion and urge for self-expression. By taking up the opportunity to do things that make them feel special, they gain the self-approval which will stand them in good stead.

    LEO (July 23 – August 21)

    When feeling free and secure in their own abilities, they will instinctively know when it is time to ascend to the podium, and when it is time to get off! A major part of the Leo journey involves having the courage to follow their passion and developing the skill required to be good at it. At a philosophical level, Leo is connected to the utterly human need to know the Source of creation.

    The Leo Symbol: Lion

    For the Leo individual, there is often a very private insecurity or introversion that drives them to seek this source. Is it of their own making? This inner life force full of passion and self-confidence?

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    • Or does it come from a source somehow higher than themselves? In understanding the act of creation, Leo secretly hopes to reconnect with the source of Life itself, to discover where they have come from and so where they are meant to go. They tend to be attracted to magic, mysteries and an enchanted quality in life. Yet in order to find these answers they must face a fundamental truth — it is only through the loss of personal meaning that eternal truths are found. Leos often face a period in their lives maybe more than once when they cannot rely on luck, courage and charm to get them through.

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      They must make a deeper voyage-into the Heart of Darkness — which also beats within. When they accept their shadow side then they know the brilliance of their light. Through depression and spiritual yearning, Leo comes to understand in a truly personal way where their essence lies. Within the Heart of Darkness, a curious beast stirs. When they are not secure in who they are they become enraged with the idea that they are not receiving their rightful due. This is where the bestial qualities of Leo are seen to rise. As much as they can be light, bright and full of sunshine, they can also become complaining, vain and self-centred black-holes, destroying everything around them in a monstrous rage of dissatisfaction.

      The deep-rooted insecurity that sits at the centre of this sign can take over, clouding their other more attractive qualities. She destroys what she cannot have out of a desperate insecurity that someone else has more than her. They must come to terms with feelings of petulance and self-indulgence, to remember that every is special in their own terms. When Leo finds their own light they do not covet what is not theirs.

      Just like the lion which is their symbol, a Leo must have their own domain. In certain ways, Leos gain a sense of personal authenticity by having precedence and being able to take charge. This can be the home, the job or the local football team.

      The Sun in the Sign of Leo

      Managed wisely, Leos blend passion, vitality and creative interest in such a way that they ensure everyone benefits from the outcome. Passion is the key-word here, for as a sign ruled by the qualities of the heart, Leos tend to want to lead in whatever area of life generates passion and meaning for them. As Deborah Houlding describes it. To some it is the domestic environment; to others, a hobby or intellectual pursuit; others yet may find it in a wider professional or political arena.

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      Treat them with respect, and they demonstrate that well-earned reputation for a broad-minded, enthusiastic and magnanimous disposition. Leos hate to be told what to do , and may rise up in self-righteous indignation should anybody question a decision they have made. They are best left to feel in charge of their domain, for it is here that any inherent insecurity will diminish, and the more noble qualities of the sign can eventually shine through.

      With the zodiac sign of Leo we also relate the story of Hercules and the Nemean lion. The killing of the Nemean lion was the first of the 12 labors of Hercules. The lion was a fearsome beast that terrorized the land of Nemea, Greece. Hercules found it difficult to kill the lion whose skin was impervious to metal, stone and wood.

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      Hercules had to use his bare hands, strangling the animal and removing its skin to wear it afterward as a cloak. Fighting the lion is a metaphor of the creative process that the sign of Leo has to face head on. Note how Hercules went to fight the lion bare-handed. He only had himself. Likewise, the zodiac sign of Leo is destined to work on and perfect the art of self-expression. This sign has unbounded enthusiasm and often believes to have a special mission in life.

      Leo tends to be very persistent in the following of its goal, regardless of the time, cost, possible inconveniences or amount of personal sacrifice. People born in this sign are capable of formulating ideas quickly and can adapt well known fact and ideas giving them new purpose and meanings.